By Ted Schaar October 17, 2019

By Ted Schaar, CEO


I have been selling homes in Wisconsin for a long time, and from my start working with my mother and friends, to having a small team today, I can see the business of selling real estate changing. One of the reasons our business has been so successful for so long is our ability to adapt and evolve to stand out in an ever-changing industry. That being said, to allow evelotion to happen, we must make a change. The change we made recently was one that will allow for our clients to have a better experience when making a move, which we have already seen in the past few weeks with the new RE/MAX franchise we decided to go with, RE/MAX Excel, and folks, it’s a game changer to say the least…

Every agent out there says they give “great service”, but what does that mean? Many fail and don’t give the service as one would expect in making a purchase as big as is. At MKE.RE, Inc we want our customers to enjoy the process along the way, have fun, and be in full control.  So here are just some recent changes we’ve made ensuring to obtain “raving fans”.


Communication is key when buying a home. I recently purchased a home and even buying the home myself, there were gaps in communication. There are so many parts to buying a home. As a result, mistakes were made and delays occurred. I didn’t want a single customer to have the same experience that I did. That’s why we’ve set up a series of mandatory communication points, at least once a week, to keep you fully informed during every step of the buying and/or selling process. Sometimes things slow down when we are just waiting on something to be done, but that doesn’t mean there are not moving parts going on in the background.  We keep you informed at all times. Period.


We have now implemented one of the most robust communication systems I have ever seen in the industry, one where “oops” is completely minimized. We talk to our buyers who are ready to buy “today”, everyday.  We set up a weekly meeting with our sellers, at a minimum to explain what’s going on in the marketplace. We double check appointments with vendors, double check lender and title work, and triple check the documents before closing so everything is smooth and without a hitch. Moreover, we ask how we are doing along the way – something we are nervous to hear, but have opened our ears to make sure we are not missing a beat, and improving the experience along the way. 


Every home transaction is different, and different items and procedures come up.  Personally, we have been around the block for a while, and have seen pretty much everything there is to see. This means, we know what to do and when to do it…but what does that mean for you? We also understand that you don’t sell real estate everyday and may not always understand what is going on. What does this mean? What do I do next? What do most people do? They’re all the questions I get on a daily basis. We are now in the middle of developing a video based education system to give you a head’s up on each and every step in the process, and what to expect. You never have to be nervous about the next steps. You, the client, is in control with what is going to happen next, given professional advice along the way. This allows, again, for a smooth process from start to finish.

And we’re not stopping here. Change is good for for us, and that means it’s good for clients of MKE.RE, inc. As long as we’re selling homes, expect more process improvements, more adapting and evolving, and more focus on your needs as a client.  We are very much looking forward to helping your real estate portfolio succeed along with us.